About us 

Welcome to Aquaria Antwerp

Aquaria Antwerp was founded in 1947-1948. It all started with a small shop in the city centre of Antwerp. The business moved to Aartselaar in 1960. Since 1994 we dispose of an indoor space of 1600m². Through the years we deliverd B2B (aquarium shops, garden centers, aquariumclubs) and B2C (private customers). We dispose of an enornous stock (80.000-100.000 items) of coldwaterfish, freshwater tropical fish, cichlids, aquatic plants, dryfood, frozen food, live food, gravel, stones, woods, aquariums, filters and all related articles.
Maintaining the head position ever since is making the right decisions, day after day!

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our trumps :

  • fully computer controlled installation
  • capacity of >1200 aquaria for freshwater aquarium fish
  • >30 bassins for pondfish
  • 60 tanks for aquatic plants
  • large stock (>50 ton) of gravel, wood, stones
  • 50m³ freezer room for frozen fish food
  • refrigerator for live food
  • on site  water purification systems
  • full range of PRODAC products
  • well trained team, assisted by vet Lambrechts (own lab)
  • shop open Monday to Saturday
  • webshop 24/7 (updated every 30')
  • weekly posts on Facebook for latest news
  • easy to reach by highway A12 and E19
  • large parking > 30 places, free parking
  • accessible for wheelchair users
  • free wifi ("Aquaria-Visitor", pass "aquaria2630")
  • quantity discount for fish & frozen food & live food
  • seasonal promotions
  • high efficiency - low overhead costs