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Aquaria Antwerp was founded in 1947 by Mr. M. Vandeweyer(†), who was renowned among aquarists for his knowledge and devotion. It all started with a little shop in the citycenter of Antwerp (cfr. Aquaria Antwerp). Due to its success and lack of space, he moved his business to Aartselaar. In 1994, a bigger plant (1600m²) was built.

From then on, Aquaria Antwerp became the leader in Belgium and Luxembourg and is obtaining an important position in the neighbouring countries of France and Holland.

We have an enormous stock of tropical fish, coldwater & pond fish, aquatic plants and fish food. We also have a large stock of aquariummaterials and supplies. Aquarists will find everything they long for in our store.

The best quality money can buy for every quantity.
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