We supply product info and service at our place. A national payphone number (0903/15.121) is set up for professional phone assistance (max10 minutes call).


Payment options : cash, Bancontact, Payconiq, Maestro, ALL (credit) cards, bank/payment apps,  bank transfer.
All shop payments are rounded at the nearest €0.05, prepay webshop payments are not rounded.


Weekly deliveries by own drivers or parcels services. All amounts (goods + delivery) need to be paid in advance. Total cost will be displayed on the proforma invoice. Delivery instructions are taken into account. All parcels are packed professionally. Perishables are garanteed for 36h. The delivery is considered completed after drop at the front door of the given adress. If the receiver is not at home, a picture of the delivery will be taken and sent by email. The package will be left at the door. It will not be offered a second time. Goods are considered as accepted before transport and the travel at the risk of the destinated. Return transports are on the expense of the client.


All electric devices are invoiced and have legal garantee (2 years or mentioned otherwise). Garantee is no longer valid without receipt/invoice, in case of resell or if the device is damaged on the outside. Returns are exceptional and are only possible after having taken contact by email : Remarks after sale/delivery have to be well documented (pictures, description, …) within 24h. Perishable goods (fish, plants, food, … ) are never taken back (not even for free) or switched. Aquarium glass breakage is NEVER a guarantee. Secondary damage while restoring is NEVER a guarantee. Tailor made aquariums are considered OK within a max size margin of 1%.

Return Policy

A control or a repair is not done immediately. The good functioning of the device is checked over a longer period of time. After a correct diagnosis/repair you will be contacted. Please do NOT contact us yourself. Devices of bad quality, incomplete 2nd hands or brands that are not distributed by our company will NOT be inspected. No return possible for spare parts or customized work.

Notification of Changes

Pictures on the webshop are indicative but reliable. Size, sex, colour, shape, … can be different than displayed. Instructions can be given (e.g. males/females, biggest/smallest, … ). Delivery terms are indicative but reliable. A delay of delivery cannot make a claim.  All matter that cannot be settled amicably will be proceeded by the court of law.

Outstanding Invoices

In few exceptional cases, if invoices cannot be paid immediately (e.g. fieldwork), a term of payment is allowed.
Exceeding the applied term increases the invoices with 5% (on the initial invoice amount) montly , with a minimum of €50+vat.

Not allowed

We do not allow entrance in the shop of bikes, steps, skateboards, segways, uniwheels, .... 
Wheelchair users are very welcome.