Advice Tropical Fish

* Do not damage the fins or skin while transporting or unpacking the fish.
* Do not overcrow the tank (test the water regularly and refresh partly when needed).
* Acclimatize the fish as slowly as possible to the new values of the water. Be careful of temperature shocks.
* Make sure there is enough oxigen in the water, use an extra (air)pump when fish swim to much at the watersurface.
* Choose more then 1 type of food in order to offer a completer diet.
* Do not feed the fish on the day of arrival. Let them first be at ease.
* Do not overfeed the fish. Any food given should be consumed within a few minutes after feeding.
* Make sure that food, fish droppings, external waste does not sink to the bottom to avoid fermentation and pollution of the water.
* Observe your fishes' behavior carefully, it tells you much about the general state of health.
* Ask for information in the shop, read a good book about how to keep fish or join an aquariumclub (
* Be critical for self-proclaimed specialists online or internet fora.
* Good quality products (aquarium, pump, (led)light, filter, ... ) save you a lot trouble after sales.